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Enriching Economical Transportation With Value Performance

It is established that Overland freight is one of the most economical ways to transport your shipment. Reham’s constant efforts at doubling the value we add to overland transportation of your goods though, is what makes us gain and retain our customers’ trust and loyalty.

At Reham, we facilitate easy and risk-free distribution of your goods in choicest trucks, rail-routes and specialized containers for environmentally sensitive consignments. Our experts are fully dedicated to understanding and strategizing your transport in tune with your unique requirements as per time-lines, product sensitivity and budget.

Why Businesses Are Choosing Reham Overland Freight Services?

  • Personalized solutions for best-fit transportation
  • Safe, legal, and risk-free transport of oversized, perishable, and potentially hazardous goods
  • Extensive and customized storage and logistics plans for consignments
  • Extensive choice in size and types of vehicles
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Assurance of fastest routes for quickest and safest delivery

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