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Preserving Perishables To Perfection – We Let Greens Stay Greener For Longer

Delivering freshness from farms to tables with no wastage or spoilage is now an easy possibility with Reham’s lean, organized and technologically fortified cold-chain solutions.

To ensure that your farm fresh perishables remain 100% safe while retaining quality, freshness and nutritional value for a prolonged period of time, we have thoroughly equipped and meticulously planned our cold-chain warehouses with state-of-the-art facilities that include –

  • 6 loading bays to accommodate trucks of all types and sizes
  • Marshalling areas for staging, inspection and pallet building
  • Avant-garde condition controlled storing environment with 0 degrees to +15 degrees temperature range
  • IT and warehouse management system support
  • 24/7 surveillance and CCTV monitoring
  • Round the clock temperature humidity monitoring
  • Dedicated personnel and more

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What You Gain With Reham’s Cold Chain –

  • Store your stock safely and transport globally, easily and cost effectively
  •            Maximize shelf life without compromising quality

  •       Save costs and prevent unnecessary losses

  • Expand your business without worrying about infrastructural expenses
  • Robust customer support for instant assistance
  • Flexible solutions to accommodate market shifts and contingencies

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